The Brighter Future of CMMN SWDN

février 9, 2021

How would you describe your Fall/Winter 2021 collection ?

This season is highlighting the fact that we left London and the “big city” to move back to our native Sweden. As the pandemic got worse and life in the big city started to feel alien and unsettling we felt like many others the need to flee into the countryside and closer to nature. We started to re-examine and re-evaluate our environment and realized how unpleasant life in a city can be, especially as the city is not what it used to be. 

In our native Sweden where the brand initially started, nature is never far away and it is a big part of our lifestyle, so much that we have a law called ‘Allemansrätten’ which allow us the public access to all of nature unhinged regardless of it’s private or state-owned. And it is this nature that has inspired our AW21 collection, the need to go out there and to reconnect. 

The clothes in themselves are not exactly outdoorsy, but it is this contradiction and juxtaposition that we like, the fact that all this happens so suddenly, this desire or urge to go out there happened almost overnight. As if this “guy” literally took what he had and stepped right out. Colours are “classic” CMMN and very much in line with the theme of the collection, shades of browns and mustard, with highlights in orange, green, sky blue.  

The collection is perhaps unusually bright for an autumn-winter season but that was intentional as we wanted the collection to incite hope and to signal for a brighter future or time ahead.  Silhouettes are also a continuation from SS21 with a nod towards the 70s. Trousers are crafted to a slim figure and end with a slit flare. Others are cropped but with a slight flare. Print and Jacquard knits come in floral motives inspired by nature in bright colours and retro browns and vivid orange typical of the era. 

What is the look or the piece that reflects the spirit of the season ?

If we had to choose one we would say the floral printed down poncho inspired by 70s colourful sleeping bags. 

What is the message you wanted to share with this collection? 

To unplug and reconnect with nature. 

Your prediction for some aspect of the industry and of the world?

Similar to this season colours we hope for a brighter future. We believe that perhaps the hardship of this parts year might bring inspiration, change and the need to create.

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