Doublet: the Dreaming Realist

janvier 23, 2022
Photo credit: Doublet

Even in the absence of live fashion weeks and typical in-person events, Masayuki Ino has maintained the steady momentum of his brand, Doublet, ever since winning the 2018 LVMH Prize. This is owing, in part, to his loyal following in Japan and support from retailers such as Dover Street Market. The Tokyo-based designer, who launched Doublet in 2011, stands out for its extroverted and off-kilter iterations of everyday garments. And wherever and however people experience his collections, their novelty is certainly something to behold. 

What would you like us to know about this collection?
If you watch the AW22 show until the end, I’m sure you will understand my message without my words.

How does this image relate to your dreams?
It was taken by a broken film camera. I like that it has a dreamlike atmosphere even though I tried to shoot something real.

Are you a dreamer?
I am a dreaming realist.

How do you distinguish sleep dreams and life dreams?
Many of the dreams I have while sleeping are nightmares. In the past few days, I dreamed about a sample delay or samples that were not finished properly. Life dreams, however, are the opposite; they are simply happy dreams. Good dreams are reality, bad dreams are sleeping.

Had you dreamed of becoming a designer?
My dreams of becoming a designer began when I was in high school.

Do you try to interpret your sleeping dreams?
My wife likes the analysis, but I’m not very interested in it. I quickly forget about my dreams.

Do you get creative ideas from your sleeping dreams?
In dreams, ideas come together that I have been thinking about for a long time. I often experience these dreams when I’m stuck with designs. 

Have you ever translated a dream into an actual design?
Yes, but there was a contradiction, so I cancelled that design.

When was the last time a dream came true for you?
I’m still in the process of a dream coming true.

Name someone whose own dreams have inspired you?
Salvador Dalí’s ideas of dreams are a big inspiration for me.

In what moments do you dream best (sleeping, daydreaming, walking, some kind of substance)?
I often dream when I see everyday scenery. 

To what extent do you think fashion is about proposing/selling dreams?
I think so; this is also one of the roles of fashion. 

Do dreams help us make sense of reality or do they help us escape?
Both are within the framework of dreams, but thinking about the positive is a fantasy, and thinking in a negative way is a delusion.

Do you have a dream that remains unfulfilled?
I don’t think that dreams ever fully come true. If they come true, your [goal] ends there. While the dream is being fulfilled, it will spread further allowing the next dream to be created. This is vital as dreams are not easy achieve.

What is one dream you would like to achieve this coming year?
My dream is to go to Paris again soon!

This interview has been lightly edited for length and clarity. 

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