Exploring with Takuya Morikawa (Taakk)

juin 21, 2022

Taak was founded by Takuya Morikawa in 2013. Spending eight years at in the studio at Issey Miyake expanded his experience end exposed him to deep knowledge of fabrics and materials. Exploration exists within the DNA of the brand, as Morikawa’s constant pursuit of innovation leads him to new frontiers in design.

Courtesy of Taakk 

Is exploration something that comes naturally to you?
I am constantly searching for exciting explorations.

What is your most enjoyable form of exploration?
Visiting production factories.

What is the goal of exploration?
To find the next exploration.

Tell us about a concept or idea you have explored this season? 
In general, it is important to be always excited and to immerse yourself in the project. This is the concept from which I always start.

What kind of exploring do you undertake before starting a new collection?
First of all, I constantly ask: Why is this the only thing I could create? Or, Why couldn’t I take in more? With this mindset, I start to visit factories and production sites. I do this because I believe that I can further evolve by looking back at myself.

Why does exploration feel like such a fundamental part of fashion?
I believe it’s because we are always exploring to find something new.

In what ways are you exploring new materials, methods, technology each season — or with this collection, specifically.
Exploration is TAAKK’s DNA itself. This season, I created a material that transforms linen into a transparent cotton shirt. It’s shape memory Polyethylene, the material that is used for doll’s hair, with linen melted and pasted together, while using tulle to express a three-dimensional fabric that improves the process by constantly repeating prototyping.

Would you say that your collections explore what’s happening in the world as you’re designing them?
I’m constantly exploring, but it is essential to analyse everything from different angles – to not be deceived by biased information.

What is something or someplace you would like to explore in your lifetime?
I would like to explore and realise the depth of life. To achieve that, I would like to gain more experience.

This interview has been lightly edited for clarity.

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