Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO x FILA Collaboration

juillet 10, 2020

On July 10, 2020, the FILA x Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO brand-new collaborations of Italian high fashion sportswear brand FILA, going to launch. FILA collaborates with well-known Japanese designer MIHARA YASUHIRO, they join hands to explore the aesthetics of high fashion sportswear with an aim of following the “sports fashion revolution” for the wardrobe through to the end. 

FILA is a 100-year classic sports brand. “Legend of Tennis” Bjӧrn Borg won the championship of Wimbledon Championships in FILA uniform for 5 consecutive years. From then on, the classic red-white-blue color combination of the brand broke the single black-white-grey apparel tradition on the tennis court, and the stripe and grid elements of FILA changed the stereotyped impression that tennis sportswear had made on people. 

In these collaborations, the inspiration of the legendary history is based on tennis grid elements with brand tone, drawn to integrate the LOGO and checkered elements of FILA, and at the same time, the classic, eye-catching and contrasting red-white-blue of the brand is chosen as the traditional stripe element color combination, in terms of the color. As for the pattern, the deconstructionist method of splicing and remaking is adopted, and MIHARA’s fun, trendy and exaggerated design is added. Meanwhile, as for material, through continual use of FILA’s classic apparel technology, adoption of innovative sportswear fabric and consideration of comfort level and texture, the diversity and practical wearability of daily looks of FILA brand is ensured. During the collaboration, a collision between classic Italian style elegance and Tokyo element trends, the exquisite and meticulous design release the aesthetics of high sports fashion, not only paying tribute to the classic and fashionable sport tennis, but signifying the brand’s targeting at more upscale markets. 

Even more to the point in these brandnew collaborations, in addition to apparel, MIHARA YASUHIRO, who known as God of Artistic Shoes, choose T1, a classic shoe style of FILA, as the prototype for transformation, and create a symbolic and unique LEGO sole, in which the granulation inspiration comes from the previous jogging and integrated training shoes, and under the concept of giving consideration to both innovation and the classic, FILA’s concept is kept in the shoes body, which, moreover, is embellished to be the highly differentiable FM1. The combination between 100-year tennis element DNAs and Japanese fashionable elements take on the subversion and uninhibitedness of FILA x Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO Collaborations. 

FILA x Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO not only brings a brandnew collision between the classic and the future, but pay tribute to tennis legends and art fashion. FILA and MIHARA hope to pay tribute to the legendary brand classic through these collaborations, jointly drive the fashion-orientation of sportswear and build the beauty of high sports fashion, and pass on to consumers a life attitude of confidence, bravery and ever-lasting zeal towards nice things. 

Stylist : Lambda Takahashi
Photographer : RK
Movie : SHOGO
Hair and make up : Masanori Kobayashi(SHIMA)
Model :TSUGUMI(Donna) Ariel(image) Ichi(zucca) Anna Podgornaya(zucca)
Special Thanks : @SKYDECK, Roppongi Hills

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