“I wanted a joyful celebration”

juillet 10, 2020

Thomas Monet, COOL TM designer and newcomer in the official calendar, gives us an insight into his Spring 2021 inspirations.

Can you tell us about the new Spring Summer 2021 collection? 

It often starts from an instinct, from a garment that obsesses me so much that I will create some looks with. Then these few looks transpose me into an era, a place, people, situations … 

Here I first traveled with the youth of Dog Town, free and radical, under the Venice sun, between the ocean and the concrete, in search of thrills, adrenaline. These already adult street kids glide in search of freedom and success without any concessions. Precursors and enthusiasts, on the edge and naturally gifted, carefree and rebellious, they are attached to their values and convictions. They live! 

Then I arrived at the end of the 80s, early 90s with the grunge movement, the parallel between this assumed youth of Dog Town and the flayed youth of Grunge. A Kurt Cobain, lascivious, non-warming colored hair like a skater on his board. A rebellious attitude playing with codes and standards, crude, debauchery. A sensitive man and assumed femininity, he breaks down gender boundaries by dressing in a dress, a form of celebration of gender equality. In my trip I meet Jean Michel Basquiat who gives me the feeling of a close, raw, free, radical and assumed personality. Instinct prevails over the rest, seeking to keep the features of childhood, like carelessness, doing with the little that it had, which was ultimately so vast. An inexhaustible talent. 

This youth who vomits their art without concession and without worrying about the gaze of others. 

Faced with this, I wanted to confront a diametrically opposite universe like the bourgeoisie, luxury, opulence, manners, then comes to me Coco Chanel, this personality just as rough and ready and assumed, as much on the fringes, playing with codes and standards. Strong and free woman. It frees the woman, the short hair and the wearing of the pants, standard of equality with the man. 

In conclusion on this collection my approach was meant to evoke a jovial and happy debauchery as a celebration of life in response to the complicated moment we are going through. An ode to radical, raw and assumed freedom, where rebellious and lascivious silhouettes inspired Dog Town and the Grunge movement mixes with a form of “gentrified gentrification” where men are sensitive, women are strong and free. We are equal. 

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