octobre 7, 2020

IN THE BLK is a collective of Black creatives in the global fashion industry who are dedicated to creating and expanding spaces for fellow Black designers. Our mission throughout this virtual experience is dedicated to discovering and acknowledging our roots, amplifying our voices, capitalizing on our collective power and articulating our inclusive agenda through creative storytelling focused on the complex excellence of black life.

Founded by Victor Glemaud, IN THE BLK a 501 (c) (3) organization exists to unify and build solidarity and economic independence for Black individuals in the global fashion industry—focusing on three pillars: Political, Economic and Innovation.

Premiering during Paris Digital Fashion Week SS21 , the collective has launched a  5 part film series titled Film Noirs, a collaborative showcase of Black designers and creatives, created and produced by Equator Productions. 

As an effort to celebrate the Black owned brands and creatives within and beyond ITB, each film features curated in-season or SS21 ready to wear and accessories from each participating brand’s collection. 

ITB collective represents a broad range of emerging to established design labels and fashion industry professionals across the diaspora.

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IN THE BLK presents:  Film Noirs in partnership with EQUATOR PRODUCTIONS
Special thanks to Instagram, Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode, Alaska—Alaska, The Chamber Group, Beyond 8, Julie Gilhart and Ademusoyo Awosika-Olumo, Creatic Venture.
Overall Costume Designers: Ade Samuel and Memsor Kamarake 
Live Stream Editor: Jacob Robbins
IN THE BLK Website Developer: Ademusoyo Awosika-Olumo, Creatic Venture

Rejoice Resist
A film by:
 Elisha Smith-Leverock – London, UK

With Rejoice Resist, writer and directorElisha Smith-Leverock creates a film that celebrates and shows Black Joy and Black pleasure as the ultimate form of resistance. It highlights the importance of allowing yourself to feel joy especially in the face of adversity. 

“The idea for the film was conceived while being isolated at home, with an onslaught of bad news and worse news ever present in my social media feed. I looked to how we comfort each other, what we share and how we connect. Rejoice Resist is also a commentary on current meme culture which members of the Black community have been sharing to up-lift each other in these emotionally fraught times. This content is far more than frivolous distraction – it is a survival tool.

The mission of IN THE BLK is to uplift and support and I am proud to have been able to be a part of this endeavour with my film and very grateful to the ITB designers who have entrusted me to uplift their art in this way.” – Elisha Smith-Leverock

a Lief production
Executive Producer – Ashley Cimone
Producer – Margo Mars
Equator Project Manager – Moya Annece
Equator Production Assistant – Chanel Hinds

Costume Designers – Ade Samuel & Memsor Kamarake
Assistant Costume Designers – Ryan Gale, Oleata Stewart & Quinton Faulkner
Assistant Costume Coordinator – Ric-Chara Pina
Wardrobe Dresser – Shalana Wareham

Featuring designs by
Aliétte, Amber Raye, Beads Byaree, Brother Vellies, Dixie Graze, Épifenē, Fe Noel, The House of RG, KHIRY, Kai Collective, L’Enchanteur, Marty Moto, Nooni, OLTR London, Sheer Suga, Third Crown, 90zBack

Rebel Seed
A film by:
 Sean Frank – New York, USA

With Rebel Seed, Sean Frank explores the secret signals that bring a people together. Easy to miss if you’re not looking but visible for those who seek solace. It is a look at the independence of solitary existence, an investigation of identity, belonging, and solidarity. Told through the eyes of a rebel, the film introduces a rebellious main character, Marlo, in quiet moments, an intimate observation of how they see the world—from the outskirts, living on the edge of town, outside the margins, outside the expectations of what being Black means. Marlo prefers to spend time chasing light and walking down empty railroads than to be in a room of people trying to force their unique identity into boxes and statistics.

Following symbols and signs on their journey, the main character recognizes a language they don’t yet understand, but learn to appreciate as it leads them to their tribe. 

Screenplay by – Shamikah Martinez

Executive Producer – Ashley Cimone
Project Manager – Moya Annece
Equator Producer – Ché Nembhard
Equator Production Assistant – Chanel Hinds & Ric-Chara Pina

Costume Designers – Ade Samuel & Memsor Kamarake
Assistant Costume Designers – Janelle Tomeko & Ryan Gale
Choreographer – Anthonywash.Rosado
Set Designer – Devin N. Morris 

Featuring designs by
ASHYA, Beads Byaree, Brother Vellies, Edas, Fe Noel, Jam + Rico, LaQuan Smith, Miss Numa, Orange Culture, Sansovino 6, Theophilio, Tia Adeola, Tokyo James

We Do
 A film by:
 Numa Perrier– Los Angeles, USA

We Do is a film about ceremony and sisterhood. Opening with three women helping each other dress, the film take us through a luxurious ceremony of dressing for special occasions and celebrates sisterhood and rituals. As the three main characters continue through the film, they end with a vow amongst each other; to love, cherish and protect each other for generations to come.
Themes within We Do :
Luxury, Leisure, Femininity, Ritual, Beauty, Texture, Movement, Support, Vosa and Style 

Executive Producer – Ashley Cimone
Equator Project Manager – Moya Annece
Equator Producer – Nalima Touré
Equator Production Assistant – Chanel Hinds

Costume Designers – Memsor Kamarake & Ade Samuel
Assistant Costume Designer – Ryan Gale
Assistant Costume Coordinator – Ric-Chara Pina

Featuring designs by: Brother Vellies, House of Aama, Keeyahri, Love Oh Lou, Miss Numa, Third Crown

 A film by:
 Ademola Falomo – Lagos, Nigeria

“Solidarity, Independence, when I think of these words, I think of Agreement & Self, as their respective synonyms. As Black people, the way we recognize and appreciate ourself is by embracing our individuality, i.e. what makes us stand out; our distinct characteristics and features. In other words, the agreement with self is what makes up our IDENTITY.” – Ademola Falomo
Against this backdrop, Falomo has decided to name his short film IDENTITY. With this film, Falomo hopes to show appreciation for different Black people with distinct senses of individuality, skin tone, and appearance, acknowledging that although they may have differences, they are Black, they are human, and they are the same.
The film, beginning at the end of the written storyline, takes us on a reverse journey from a party, all the way back to the factory that the clothing the men were wearing were made, featuring an inclusive cast of Black models. 

a FAMILY production
Executive Producer – Ashley Cimone
Producers – Deniyi Mayowa, Ebuka Nwobu
Equator Project Manager – Moya Annece
Equator Producer – Ché Nembhard
Equator Production Assistants – Chanel Hinds & Ric-Chara Pina

Costume Designers – Pat Ada Eze, Memsor Kamarake & Ade Samuel
Assistant Costume Designers – Janelle Tomeko, Ryan Gale, Damilola Fatusi, & Deolu Illo

Featuring designs by ATAFO, Bloke, DNA By Iconic In Vanity, Ejiro Amos Tafiri, Fruché, Gozel Green, Kiing Daviids, Mazelle Studio, Onalaja, Orange Culture, Sense of Humor, Shekudo, Studio 189, Wow Accessories, 313Eko, Nkadz

 A film by:
 Anthony Prince Leslie – New York, USA

With Àṣẹ, Leslie is creating a film that captures the family dynamic, and pays homage to traditions and the importance of inclusivity within the Black community.
The word Àṣẹ is a Yoruba term, meaning “soul, light, spirit or good vibrations”. With this film, Leslie celebrates the matriarchs in our lives and the importance of community. With transgender and age representation, the film is an embrace for matriarchs of all forms. 

Executive Producer – Ashley Cimone
Equator Project Manager – Moya Annece
Equator Producer – Nalima Touré
Equator Production Assistant – Chanel Hinds, Ric-Chara Pina, & Sarah Duster

Costume Designers – Memsor Kamarake & Ade Samuel
Assistant Costume Designers – Ryan Gale & Janelle Tomeko
Wardrobe Dresser: Karissa Crawford
Movement Director – Nana Yaa Asare Boadu

Set Design/Art Direction – Shayla Cox
Featuring designs by Ace Mekel, ASHYA, Awa Meité, Bantu Wax, Beads Byaree, Bien Abyé, Brother Vellies, Chic By Lorene, Christie Brown, Daily Paper, Edas, Ember Niche, Fanm Mon, GrungeVogue, Hanifa, Jam + Rico, Jessica Rich, LaFalaise Dion, Lemlem, L’Enchanteur, Loza Maléombho, Marty Moto, Oak & Acorn ~ Only For The Rebelles, Off-White, Oluwole Olusunde, Post-Imperial, Reebok by Pyer Moss, Romeo Hunte, Salone Monet, Sansovino 6, Sergio Hudson, Sewit Sium, Stella Jean, Studio 189, SUNNI SUNNI, Telfar, Theophilio,Third Crown, Tokyo James, Victor Glemaud, William Okpo, ZUNYDA

Featuring: Ademola Falomo, Anthony Prince Leslie, Elisha Smith-Leverock, Numa Perrier, Sean Frank
Moderated by Ashley Cimone, Executive Producer – Equator Productions
Executive Producer – Equator Productions

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