JW Anderson | Men’s SS21 & Women’s RS21 Collection Walkthrough with Jonathan Anderson

juillet 9, 2020

British luxury brand JW Anderson will premiere exclusive video footage and still images to the Paris Fashion Week platform. The brand originally revealed their Men’s Spring Summer 2021 collection via a phygital experience: a physical “Show in a Box” delivered to journalists, editors, buyers, VIPS, etc around the world and a digital reveal on 2 July featuring a video of Founder and Creative Director Jonathan Anderson explaining the inspiration behind, and contents of, the box.

“The idea is that you can tell and experience the story in your own way. At your own pace. It’s about going back to making and telling stories,” Jonathan said. With this idea of exploration and storytelling in mind, photographer Lewis Ronald captured multidisciplinary artist Carlos Maria Romero in a London home as he experienced the show in a box for the first time. Shot entirely in black and white, the photographs will be curated into a photobook to be released by the brand at a later date. 

For Paris Fashion week JW Anderson will premiere a video teaser from the photo shoot as well as an exclusive selection of six images.

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