Modern China Fashion Films

juin 24, 2021

Design Society is pleased to present “Modern China”, a series of films capturing the pivotal aesthetical trend in Chinese fashion design in recent 5 years. It derives from a project by CIQIChina, a fashion media in local trend and culture. Through the online screening of these films, we wish to showcase how Chinese contemporary designers are paying homage to their long tradition, creating immersive experience alternative to the modernized society.

Modern China initiates an unprecedented way to reinterpret “Chinoiserie”, a fashion trend originated in the 19th century in Europe, into a “fashionable Chinoiserie”, a trend getting increasingly popular among young generation in nowadays China. It represents the currently high level of fashion aesthetics co-produced by local designers, stylists, photographers, and film editors. The set of film composes of five sections: Solar Terms, Festivals, Artifacts, Symbols and Lives, exploring the meaning and value of traditional culture as a rich source of inspiration for the young generation.

The project Modern China has been developed by Design Society, an innovative cultural initiative founded by China Merchants Shekou (CMSK), and CIQICHINA, a leading media focusing on the local fashion and culture in China combining Chinese traditional culture with modern fashion elements to create refreshing “Modern China Style”. 

Fashioned from Modern China: New Year Print

Fashioned from Modern China: Mahjong

Fashioned from Modern China: Lion Dance

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