ROKH – Interview

octobre 5, 2020

Rok Hwang of ROKH, a creative label based in Paris, talks about this season’s inspirations.

You spoke about reconsidering your creative process in light of this year. What is it that you find most compelling now? 
Fantasy and dreams. During this time, I wanted to bring out the more romantic side of my vision and build a sense of escape to a place with no connection to the world that we are living in. Almost like the act of reading a book or watching a mysterious movie, my aim was to give viewers a sensation of wonder. 

Tell me about the starting point of this collection. What story did you want to tell? 
The starting point of the collection was once again a specific emotion that I remember from my youth. I find that sharing my personal experiences gives such a special meaning and feeling to my clothes. This time, I wanted to share the emotion of walking at nighttime. It’s the feeling of tension and adventure that you experience going outside at night when you are young. So the collection is called “Night Wanderer.” I wanted to capture this mood and sensation in each and every moment. 

Your favourite look? 
The first look: a fitted, bra-shaped top layered with a voluminous mix of cotton and sheer chiffon. That mix of stiff fabrics and soft, of leatherwork and an artisan crochet collar, is something that I find beautiful. 

You’re often inspired by artists across different mediums. Was there anyone in particular you worked with this season? 
This season, I was very inspired by the artist Parker Steven Jackson from L.A. We actually collaborated to bring his unique worldview into the Rokh universe. There is a sharp contrast between these two different universes, yet still we share some similarity. It was a true joy to work with his artwork and wonderful to collaborate with an artist with such a beautiful vision. 

What about film? As you’re always inspired by cinema, is there a movie that speaks most to your aesthetic both specific to this collection and to the larger world of Rokh? 
Paranoid Park from Gus Van Sant is my number one. His portrayal of skate culture, as well as of small dialogue between teenagers. Meaningless activities that convey a raw and unfiltered attitude really inspire me.  But this season, I had the ’90s work of Steven Spielberg and Tim Burton in mind. I’ve always been inspired by the idea of having that large-scale fantasy vision and directing an epic visual. Capturing dreams and fantasy through an innocent, childlike point of view was one approach to this collection. 

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