Shiatzy Chen Fall-Winter 2021 collection, a script of “Time”

mars 8, 2021

This season Madame Wang, design director of SHIATZY CHEN is inspired by the concept of “TIME”. Prints, embroideries, jacquard patterns and accessories are illustrated from Madame Wang’s dreamy hand drawing. Eyes, clock hands, non-existing flower, a doorway leading to the unknow space, the notion of time is distorted and reinvented.

The collection Inspired by styles of different times translate a hint of rebellious spirits through. Powerful, sleek, and firm, the eternal elegance and femininity are preserved.

Behind the scene- Inside the Guanyinshan Water Reservoir

The show collection shooting took place at Guanyinshan Water Reservoir, a mystic historical site, partnered with Taipei city government where “TIME” Is precisely represented.

Madame Wang thinks “TIME” is linear yet illusionary. The notion is surreal also reflects her life philosophy. Ko Wen Je, Mayor of Taipei city, as the host of the cultural heritage, shares his thoughts on this fashion collaboration:

SHIATZY CHEN found inspirational relevance with the historical site- Guanyinshan Water Reservoir, what is your viewpoint on this?

As we all know, SHIATZY CHEN is the fashion house that weaves and connects exquisite craftsmanship and unique aesthetic view from the East & West culture. I think both Taipei city and SHIATZY CHEN share the same passion in cultural preservation.

What is your take on the meaning and value of preserving historic sites and buildings?

It is important to me to preserve spaces in Taipei of historic and art value, turn such cultural heritage into an open and accessible environment for citizens. Taipei city’s Old House Cultural Movement breathes new life into old buildings by combining art, culture and music. Through this way the significant value and meaning derived can maintain the tangible historic context of the city, while allowing the public to learn about past history from these spaces, increase cultural awareness, and enhance their sense of belonging to the city.

While large events being cancelled around the world in the midst of the pandemic, why are you still in support of hosting the offline fashion show?

Our success in disease control comes from citizens’ effort, and their trusts in the government. Even though we are still undergoing the threat of COVID-19 pandemic, we still look forward to the vitality that SHIATZY CHEN will bring to the city.

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