Steven Passaro Emotive Masculinity

janvier 22, 2023

What would you like us to know about this collection?

This collection is very close to my heart. I explored the concept of water as a metaphor for emotions as I have had a strong connection with this element from my youngest age, also maybe because I am a Pisces. Water embodies duality, an idea part of the foundation of the brand. I like the strong and delicate silhouette. A sharp cut with refined fabrics.  I worked with former haute-couture artisans to gain knowledge and skills to achieve certain pieces. This collection is my most elaborated and romantic one,

How does this collection evolve upon previous season?

Every collection explores the central idea of the brand: emotions and masculinity. I like to create continuity in the story and develop different angles. In this collection, I am introducing prints, jacquard, and pieces with the idea of couture for men with silk layering, embroidery and tulle plissé fabrics.

The Fashion audience is ever-evolving. How important is it for you to connect with Ben z?

Gen-z has a strong spirit, I think they’re strong and ready to explore new ideas. They’re not afraid to show who they truly are and I believe they would be the ones changing mentalities. It’s the TikTok generation and I try to connect more and more with them on this platform showcasing the behind the scene in the atelier. I think it is important to show them the value of craftsmanship and they seem to enjoy it.

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