The Amiri Effect

juillet 10, 2020

The film takes viewers behind the scenes into Mike Amiri’s creative process and offers a cinematic insight into his journey from the Los Angeles rock and roll scene to the fashion runways in luxury fashion capital of the world. Here, Amiri’s friends and supporters share their thoughts on his unique passion and vision, and the LA-based luxury brand’s forever appeal.  

Sarah Stewart, Buying Director, Maxfield 

“Early on, it was easy to recognise Mike’s talent for reimagining classics and making them his own. Amiri remains true to the roots that defined his youth – inspired by a distinctive West Coast music scene, and an effortless LA cool – and the vision has refined along the way. His luxury pieces also looked like you already owned them, loved them and lived in them.”   

Bruce Pask, Men’s Fashion Director, Bergdorf Goodman & Neiman Marcus 

“I remember first meeting Mike when we came to view his collection in an apartment in Paris. It was immediately apparent that he was an incredible talent: his line was terrific and exciting, and personal. It felt like this distillation of all of the influences that Mike had been surrounded by growing up in LA. It was all so evocative. You could immediately feel it and see it in the clothing, and you could see the customer who would want to buy and wear these pieces. The denim was undoubtedly the first signature style and an instant and covetable success. And yet, he continued to develop that into a full, well-rounded designer collection that includes tailoring and brocade and leather outerwear and accessories.”  

Fiona Firth, Managing Director, Mr Porter 

“What I admire about Amiri, is its consistent Californian and rock and roll aesthetic. It does represent how a lot of men want to dress today. We picked it up in 2016, and it became one of Mr Porter’s best-selling brands within 18 months. The attention to detail and craftsmanship is seen across the collection, but when a piece is worn, it takes on a natural, effortless quality. You can wear it every day, or dress it up, and you can mix things so easily. Amiri is cool and considered yet I think each piece has a sense of purpose, and ultimately, it’s wearable. What makes it stand out is Mike’s story. There is such a conviction to what Mike does: the craft, the vision, the execution. Mike always delivers on all three.” 

Sebastian Manes, Buying and Merchandising Director, Selfridges 

“Mike managed to bring that distinct Californian vibe to life at Paris Fashion Week. I remember feeling amazed by the juxtaposition between the Eiffel Tower, the denim, the bandanas, and the music — all Amiri signatures. We immediately felt that something was happening, and we bought the collection in the spot. It was fresh and pure, and it was so personal. Each piece is treated with care and artisanal touches.”  

Tracy Margolies, Chief Merchant, Saks Fith Avenue 

“Amiri is one of the key brands over the last few years that have made LA a fashion capital. The men’s market has changed so much, and brands like Amiri have given men’s fashion a much more diverse outlook on how the luxury customer shops. It has always had a powerful personality and a super confident, rock and roll vibe, which stood in contrast with what was going on in luxury fashion.”  

Judd Crane, SVP Brand, Merchandising and Retail, Joyce 

“What stood about the brand from the beginning, was the care that went into the distressing of the denim, and the authenticity of design and embellishments. This exquisite craftsmanship and how Mike channels a rock and roll spirit in a luxurious manner, is what makes the brand stand out. Our clients are discerning when it comes to quality and craftsmanship, and Amiri has amassed a cult following.” 

Watch the film ‘Welcome Home’ to discover more.  

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