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juillet 12, 2020

Entrepreneur, globetrotter, artist, talent scout. But above all hunters of trends. Portrait of a man who invested in himself and his intuitions, until he reached success without ever betraying his origins. Giuseppe Angiolini is part of the exclusive club of visionaries. A magic circle where very few manage to enter: either you have something more or you stay out. The selection is natural , but once you cross the barrier, you find yourself on the right road. Straight and downhill. 

Which is the main trend you forecast for the upcoming Spring/Summer 2021 season?   

There is no specific trend . The current situation leads to a “free” fashion where everyone expresses himself. 

Are you changing the way to select brands and to edit the collections?   

Actually we are buying all the collections in Virtual Digital ShowRoom . The result does not change, even if  choosing  is more difficult. The most  important thing is to find the right mix and make your choices more personal. Consumers are more careful , less impulsive and love simplicity eliminating all excesses. 

Have you observed any change in customer behaviours?   

Daily life is changed, the way to relate to the world is changed due to the impact  of this difficult moment 

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