WWD Series: Tyler Franch

octobre 3, 2021
Tyler Franch, Vice President Fashion Director at Hudson’s Bay & The Room

What is your customer asking for right now? 
Shackets, a.k.a shirt/jacket hybrids — This has quickly become one of our top searched terms and is continuing to trend upward 

Dresses—Customers have shifted back to event dressing after long periods of lockdown.

Faux Leather — This year, in addition to the leather searches that we typically see in fall (leather, leather jacket, etc.), we’re seeing a large increase in faux leather search terms.

How do people shop these days? 
Customers know what they’re looking for before they begin to shop online. Rather than searching by general categories, customers are looking for brands or style recommendations within their specific searches. 

What is important to them?
Size Inclusivity — It’s increasingly important to ensure that there is a wide assortment available for all sizes, so we are buying extended sizes from all our partners who offer this to ensure a more inclusive experience.

Sustainability — We know customers are seeking more sustainable options and are more informed than ever on materials and product lifecycle. We are actively growing our product assortment to include more sustainable options, including  100 percent organic cotton, recycled fabrics, etc.

How has buying evolved since March 2020? 
The way we are buying and viewing collections continues to evolve through the Spring 2022 season. As many brands continue to show exclusively through Zoom, we have to trust that all the innovations made over the past 18 months have brought us to a place where we are truly thinking through the lens of digital-first buying. Though where we have had the chance to view collections IRL – it has been a refreshing and very optimistic experience to start to touch and feel once again.

Physical or digital, what’s the most “best” way of seeing fashion? 
Though there has been a lot of conversation around whether or not physical fashion shows are necessary, we can see again just how necessary they can be to the success of a brand. This season for example, NYFW showed more influencers, celebrities and tribute dressing than I can ever remember. Personally, seeing a show IRL leaves me with a lot to take away – and a much clearer understanding of each brand’s POV on trend and key items.

What will you be tuning into in Paris? 
With the world ready to say goodbye to lounge and embrace the return of dressing for occasions (big and small), I am most excited to see brands like Loewe and Rick Owens, who always manage to give us the true escape we need.

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